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What Is Your Business Strategy?

Feeling a little shy about stepping into a Business Strategy planning session for next year after the unforeseen hit us this past year? We totally understand. In fact, you are not alone. All of the best plans made for a successful business year in 2020 evaporated practically before it even started. A lot goes into …

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Financial Forecasting

Forecasting, as we’ve heard it, sounds like something our local weather person is always doing, right? Well, while there may be stormy times that can cause a need to take higher ground, this is a great deal different. With Financial Forecasting, you are predicting your business’s future performance. With financial prognosis you try to predict …

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How Will 2021 Be Different?

What a year, right? So many reasons to pivot and adjust, reposition and reach into a space that you’ve possibly never had to. Things like a digital footprint have become the largest of all territories for most businesses to reside while your customers and clients consume services and products safely. Most businesses have reduced their …

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Do You Know Your Numbers?

When you get in your car you need to know how much fuel you have in the tank, right? Otherwise, you could run out before you reach your destination. In business, instead of fuel in the tank, you need to know how much money you have in the bank.  Even the Magic 8 Ball involves …

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What Is Financial Modeling?

As an executive, you know how many crucial decisions you make each day. Sound financial modeling can help relieve some of that decision fatigue by helping you play out those “what if” scenarios using real data. When approached correctly, financial modeling can help you maximize your profits and run a more efficient business. Get started …

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A woman uses a spreadsheet to create financial models for her business. What is financial modeling?


Changing your company culture with a strategic disciplined financial approach. Can you change the culture of your company with finances? The following case study shows you can! Utilizing principles of our Strategic Financial Management Process, an incentive plan was designed to specifically accomplish the company’s strategic goals, and align management with ownership’s interests.  A commercial …


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