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Your Growth Is Our Mission

Creating Financial Freedom

This is your first step to saying goodbye to working all weekend, to no more meetings where you come out with less clarity than you started with. Your mission is our mission: to grow your business & profits. Your team at Junction Peak has years of experience helping companies implement the right financial plan and the execution processes around it.

How It Works

Your Journey With Junction Peak

Junction Peak is built on time tested financial and leadership systems. We don’t reinvent the wheel, we make sure your wheels are balanced and tuned for performance. Our clients routinely see 5-10% increases in gross profit, and 700%+ growth in company value. Junction Peak will guide and build your leadership team into a numbers-focused, high-execution team, using the core ideas that we’ve seen create success time and time again.

  • Take A Bird’s Eye View

    We’re not accountants. This works for you because it allows you to get out of the day-to-day minutiae and take an overhead look at your company’s finances, systems, and make the changes that will serve you best.

  • The Structure To Achieve Your Goals

    You’re looking to grow your team and your profits. You know where you want to go, and the right structure will take you there in a way that’s sustainable and profitable.

  • Smarter Decision-Making

    Being able to make informed, timely decisions is crucial to your company's success. Working with a team that has proven success in implementing company’s financial plans and operating systems ensures you’re making well-informed decisions.

  • Increase Your Profits

    The process of developing your financial plan and operating system is designed to increase your profits. This doesn’t just help your bottom line, it transforms your culture in a way that benefits everyone on your team.

  • Achieve Financial Freedom

    These steps all work together to give you freedom. Freedom from late nights and headaches over how you’re going to make ends meet.

The Faces Behind Junction Peak

Meet Your Team


Martin Riley

Founder & CEO

With a lifetime of experience in all roles of both small business and financial strategy, Martin has a proven track record of improving businesses’ profitability and long-term success. He has served as both CEO and CFO and has seen personal success using the tools he shares with clients.


Scott Freeman

Partner & CFO

Scott is driven by the belief that small businesses are the backbone of the US economy and works to apply his 20+ years of experience in finance to their growth and success. His experience in various senior finance positions allows him to give insight into financial results and shape the future through forecasting and modeling.


Shaun Schroeder

Founding Partner

Shaun has years of leadership experience growing businesses; he founded and ran his own business for ten years before successfully exiting it. He has experience as a partner and CEO. This experience gives him an understanding of what it’s like to serve on a leadership team struggling to grow a business, and the expertise to help you navigate the process.


Jordan Riley

Financial Analyst

Jordan has years of experience as a Financial Analyst and graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a Bachelor of Science in Physics. She is skilled at providing the research and data that will help you make sound financial decisions for your company.

About us

Junction Peak is your finance and leadership consulting team. We use accurate financial forecasts and proven tools to help you grow. 

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